Fidens Appoints Director of Life & Health

Fidens Insurance Brokerage has recently appointed Daniel Campbell as its new Director of Life & Health. Daniel will spearhead the Strategic Employee Benefit Services to provide exceptional employee and executive benefits to clients. He is committed to cultivating and managing significant perennial relationships within the corporate and public sectors. Daniel comes from a venerated career that encompasses Health, Disability, Life insurance, Succession Planning and Risk Management planning. He holds a Bachelors in Finance from Iona College and is a committed member of the National Association of Health Underwriters. His comprehensive background is integral to extensively fleshing out Fidens acclaimed risk management programs. Moreover, being a respected partner in the Olson Financial Group empowers Fidens to continually build a highly proficient Employee Benefit practice that is uniquely tailored to each clients precise situation.
Daniel Campbell expressed: “It has been an honor to work closely with many of Fidens clients in the past. Being appointed the Director of Life & Health will now establish an unparalleled Employee Benefit practice through procuring the best products, solutions and technologies for clients’ overall risk management programs.”

A D&O’s Success on “the Merits or Otherwise” Should Eliminate Insurance Company Attempts to Recoup D

Some insurance companies have argued that “improper” advancement of defense costs by the corporation pursuant to corporate indemnity statutes somehow permits the insurance company to “recoup” defense costs they previously advanced by re-litigating the policyholder’s entitlement to defense costs even after a successful defense.
Read the following analysis by William G. Passannante, Esq.:

Fidens Opens Tampa Bay Office

Fidens Insurance Brokerage recently finalized a Tampa Bay office. This development succeeded the goal to substantially enhance its services and capabilities in the southern region. Fidens regional foundation has been well-rooted in the professional liability industry. However, this expansion enables sophisticated brokering approaches to a wide gamut of business insurance coverages. Current clients have experienced a distinct financial benefits from the thorough assessments of their renewal policies vis-à-vis the insurance industry’s best practices and pricing. Many of these assessments include general liability, workers compensation, commercial property and, surely, professional liability. Fidens confidently invites current and prospective clients to submit insurance inquiries for complimentary consultation.
Managing Director Brian Leidell expressed: “Opening up a southern office was a natural step for our brokerage. Overtime we have developed a significant client-base within the region’s professional community. Apart from the readily observable benefits, it is also a way of showing our gratitude towards these clients who put their trust in our novel brokerage.”

Small Businesses Now Cyber Targets for Criminals

Small and medium sized businesses now targets for cybercriminals. We encourage all businesses to review the five big threats for small businesses which are outlined in the following article by FireFly Inc. Please contact one of our cyber specialists for further information on risks and insurance solutions.