Chubb Launches Healthcare Industry Practice

Chubb has launched a new industry practice providing insurance coverage and risk management options to the healthcare marketplace. Chubb’s Healthcare Industry Practice will offer a range of insurance products and services for healthcare customers, including hospitals, physicians, long-term care facilities, managed care providers and other miscellaneous medical facilities and operations.
According to Caroline Clouser, executive vice president, Chubb Healthcare, “the integration of physicians, shifts in payment models, new medical treatments and technologies, changing regulations, and merger and acquisition (M&A) activity are driving healthcare transformation and are challenging the industry to find new and creative risk management strategies and coverage options to help protect itself against significant liability exposures.”
The Healthcare Industry Practice will be distributed through Chubb’s eight North American regions and will have a presence in 48 branch offices. Its suite of coverage options include:
  • Medical Professional Liability
  • Property, Builders’ Risk and Boiler & Machinery
  • Management Liability
  • Privacy & Network Security
  • Environmental
  • Surety
  • Alternative Risk Financing, such as Loss Portfolio Transfers
  • Heliport & Non-owned Aircraft
  • Accident & Health
  • ESIS- Risk Management Services and Third-Party Administrator
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’60s Band, the Turtles, Wins Classic Song Copyright Case Against Sirius Radio

Though songs recorded before 1972 are not covered by U.S. federal copyright law, bands and recording labels have been seeking protection and royalties under state laws.
A U.S. judge has sided with members of the 1960s band the Turtles in their dispute with Sirius XM Holdings Inc., ruling the satellite radio provider infringed on copyrights by airing their pre-1972 songs without paying royalties.
The band’s label, “Flo & Eddie,” the judge ruled, “has the right to possess and use its sound recordings and prevent others from possessing and using them.”
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Fidens Establishes New Jersey Branch

Fidens Insurance Brokerage established a regional New Jersey location. This operation is in continuity with the appointment of Daniel Campbell as a Director. The New Jersey region already boasts a significant concentration of Fidens client-base. This office will lend extensive support to current and prospective clients. The insurance services will be tailored to both businesses and individuals including property, auto, workers compensation, professional liability, life insurance and employee health benefits. Current clients have experienced a distinct financial benefits from the thorough assessments of their renewal policies vis-à-vis the insurance industry’s best practices and pricing. Fidens confidently invites current and prospective clients to submit insurance inquiries for complimentary consultation.
“An overwhelming majority of clients have experienced significant savings and/or enhanced coverages from our free assessments of their insurance policies. We greatly encourage prospective clients to submit insurance inquiries for complimentary consultation.”

Tokio Millennium Re AG Announces the Establishment of a US Branch

Tokio Millennium Re AG announced that the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYSDFS) has issued a license to TMR AG’s newly formed US Branch. The branch will be known as Tokio Millennium Re AG, US Branch. The US Branch will focus primarily on non-catastrophe risks to further expand TMR AG’s stated intent to diversify its risk exposure. TMR AG also established a management company for the US branch operations, TMR Management Inc., which is located in Stamford, Connecticut.