Winters Coming – Snow Plow Operations

With Fall officially here, it’s time to start thinking about Snow Operations for your business. Fidens Insurance offers the full range of coverages needed for snow removal operations, such as Blanket Additional Insured and Blanket Waiver of Subrogation endorsements. Please reach out to or call 833-4-FIDENS to discuss your operation.

Fidens supports FAN4Kids Health Habits, Healthy Kids Annual Gala

Fidens Insurance had the honor to be a sponsor of the FAN4Kids Health Habits, Healthy Kids Annual Gala at the Museum of Architecture in New York City. FAN4Kids is a non-profit organization dedicated in educating children about the benefits of healthy eating & daily exercise. Great evening for a great cause. Please visit & for more information on how you can donate and participate.
New York City Council Member Fernando Cabrera of the 14th district in the Bronx NY showing support to FAN4kids.
FAN4Kids Founder Robert L. Oliver detailing statistics of how their program has increased hundreds of student’s school performance.

Ultimate Dining Continues to Support Restaurateurs with New Summer Peer Review Publication

The Board’s statement shows the genuine relationship they share with the hospitality industry:

Why Peer Reviews?

When it comes to restaurant reviews, we believe a key perspective is missing. Critic and consumer reviews are very common, but they each have their limitations. The critic review is often the result of a single experience, which may not accurately reflect the overall quality of an establishment. Consumer reviews may be written by those who lack knowledge and experience.
These reviews only tell part of the story. Ultimate Dining NYC finishes the story by bringing peer reviews to the table. Who better to identify the best restaurants than industry professionals? Join us as we identify the top restaurants in New York City.
​The objective of Ultimate Dining NYC is to create a credible, comprehensive, and diverse guide of exceptional restaurants rated Ultimate by restaurant professionals. Our unbiased approach and independent third-party validation process make us a trustworthy resource for both restaurant professionals and consumers searching for the best dining experience.
The new publication can be viewed here.

Fidens Directors Featured in Ultimate Dining New Publication

The interview can be reviewed here on page 8.

Directors Brian Leidell (Property & Casualty) & Daniel Campbell (Employee Benefits), were interviewed for a risk management article in Ultimate Dining Newest Publication. They provide an overview of risk and insurance aspects that are critical to the long-term success in the hospitality industry. We encourage all restaurateurs to read if they are starting a new business or need a general refresher for management controls.