Fidens Opens Tampa Bay Office

Fidens Insurance Brokerage recently finalized a Tampa Bay office. This development succeeded the goal to substantially enhance its services and capabilities in the southern region. Fidens regional foundation has been well-rooted in the professional liability industry. However, this expansion enables sophisticated brokering approaches to a wide gamut of business insurance coverages. Current clients have experienced a distinct financial benefits from the thorough assessments of their renewal policies vis-à-vis the insurance industry’s best practices and pricing. Many of these assessments include general liability, workers compensation, commercial property and, surely, professional liability. Fidens confidently invites current and prospective clients to submit insurance inquiries for complimentary consultation.
Managing Director Brian Leidell expressed: “Opening up a southern office was a natural step for our brokerage. Overtime we have developed a significant client-base within the region’s professional community. Apart from the readily observable benefits, it is also a way of showing our gratitude towards these clients who put their trust in our novel brokerage.”

Is Cyber Liability Insurance Right for your Clients?

As technology becomes smarter & more intergrated into the business world, the real threat of cyber liability increases & the opportunity for information to be loss/stolen becomes a major security risk to all. The “Big Five” technologies such as mobile, social, cloud computing, advanced analytics, & machine-to-machine communication are prone to being breached & hacked into by cyber criminals. Catherine Mulligan who is senior vice president of Zurich North America stated “Anyone who has data or anyone who has a network would benefit because exposures might be different, but the risk is still the same” Companies can suffer irreversible reputation damage if any type of cyber liabilities occur & aren’t properly insured. No matter the size of the company, all should make cyber liability a top priority & protect their confidential client information.
Please read this article which describes the benefits of introducing clients to cyber liability insurance policies.
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Top 10 Data Breaches in the Last 12 Months

2014 has been a huge year for massive data breaches in high profile companies.
The breaches range from large chain restraunts, online retail businesses, financial institutions, & even the government were all victims of being hacked, leading to leaked personal consumer information.
Millions of individuals passwords, credit/debit card numbers, email/home addresses & all types of private information was stolen.
Here is the link to an article of the Top 10 Data Breaches in 2014.
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10 Ways to Maximize Insurance Recovery from Cyber Losses

In today’s day & age, no one is immune to having their computer compromised & their data stolen. Whether it be Fortune 500 companies or small businesses, the reality of a security breach is sadly almost inevitable. Suffering data losses from cyber attacks can be disruptful, detrimental, & permanently disaterious to any entity. There are precuations to take beforehand when choosing a cyber liability insurance policy to maximize the recovery process. Protecting personal ID, being careful on mobile devices/credit cards, & choosing the right broker are some of the ways you can maximize/manage your recovery losses. Cyber liability insurance is essential in todays business climate & necessary in order to protect your information.
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