10 Reasons Insurance is the Ideal Career for Millennials

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If you are looking for a great place to start and probably grow your career, then you should try the insurance industry. There is a job position for almost every skill from in the field to back office.. The future of insurance rests on millennials because the possess most of the qualities that are required in the industry. Their love for solving problems, entrepreneurial spirit and an affinity for teamwork makes their jobs a lot easier.
1. Irrespective of your skill, there is a job waiting for you so the scope of the industry goes way beyond the roles of a broker and an insurance agent. Let’s say you have a background in nursing or degree in social science, you could very well make a great idea claim professional. Working as an investigator, examiner, appraiser or an adjuster taps into these learned skills of deductive reasoning, empathy and communication.
2. Insurance careers are known to be sustainable. The need for insurance has always been vital and its history dates back to 1347 in Italy. The American insurance industry provides jobs for over 2.3 individuals and that number is over 100 times the jobs provided by Yahoo, Twitter, Apple, Facebook and Google combined.
3. A career advancement in the insurance industry provides individuals with the opportunity to learn. Jobs that requires problem-solving, creating thinking and a desire to help others all helps the millennials to exercise their entrepreneurial attitudes in the industry. It is also believed that millennials can further advance their growth by sitting on the board or a favorite charity, because their acquired communication and leadership skills are there to help.
4. Insurance industry is diverse. With a number estimated at 87 million. Millennials are the largest generational group in the United States and they also happen to the most diverse. A role in insurance is bound to entail collaboration and communication with people from several backgrounds.
5. Teamwork is essential. It is more productive to work as a team than to work alone and millennials understand that. When people team up in the insurance industry, the result always solves problem and identifies business opportunities. Irrespective of your role, you will be working with a several professions within and outside your organization.
6. Everyone wants to work in an organization that isn’t boring and insurance isn’t boring either. In addition to this, there simply no “special day” in the job of insurance. Whether it is a business risk or a new client, every day is accompanied with its own challenges for you to scale through.
7. You will be responsible for molding the insurance world into what it will look like several years after now. The insurance is definitely influenced by technology, retail, consumer demand on commerce, as well as the pace of change. The industry I will also rely on you –as a true digital native—to efficiently use innovation to deliver risk solutions as well as to solve problems.
8. You will be provided with a flexible work schedule. It is likely you won’t have to sit behind a desk all day long because you may be out on the field to conduct insurance business activities. As a millennial, the industry creates the opportunity of a balance when it comes to work, hobbies, friends, families and even your social life.
9. Insurance is prompted by service and is available for people who are going through a bad phase of life. You will playing a vital role restoring businesses or properties when the bad times come. In 2006, after the Hurricane Katrina, insurance agencies paid over $41 billion combined to individuals with policies to help them start over. There are also reports of the insurance industry donating millions of dollars in 2014 in the form of community needs, social and health services and education.
10. Insurance can be found everywhere. It is virtually impossible for the backbone of nations’ economies to thrive without insurance. Every car, electrical grid, airport, shopping center, hospital, connected device and construction site is powered by insurance and they have you to thank for that. You are going to love working in the insurance industry, just as much as we love it. Individuals from several backgrounds and a variety of skills are welcome to develop their skills and lay down their career goals and in doing so, they emerge as one of tomorrow’s pioneers in one of today’s leading industries.