Cannabis Liability Insurance

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Cannabis is thought to be one of the safest, therapeutically active substances known to man and Fidens Insurance specialize in providing top-tier insurance coverage for the different sectors of Cannabis and hemp industry businesses all over the world.

Cannabis Insurance For Dispensaries

Cannabis dispensaries could be struck by different forms of hazards such as fire, theft, vandalism, and burglary at any moment. Having insurance doesn’t guarantee your dispensary invincibility, but when disaster strikes, it’s a critical factor that’ll ensure you’re able to get back on your feet without monetary stress. That’s why we at Fidens Insurance provide you with property coverage, general liability insurance and much more to help beat down the risks when these threats arise.

Insurance For Cultivators

We also know that Cannabis cultivators are confronted with an assortment of hazards ranging from fire outbreaks to theft and equipment breakdown which could have severe implications on production. Our goal is to provide the best possible solutions to attenuate damage caused by these dangers. We provide living plant coverage, finished stock, business interruption coverage, goods in process and product liability.

Insurance For Manufacturers and Processors

Because we understand the risks associated with adhering to the standards and regulatory requirements by manufacturers and processors of Cannabis and hemp concentrates, Fidens Insurance offers clients with cutting-edge insurance coverage solutions which includes product recall, product liability and many more.

Insurance For Ancillary Businesses

Secondary businesses that serve the legal Marijuana industry can also significantly benefit from Fidens Insurance insurance coverage. We provide a wide range of insurance products to ancillary businesses such as testing laboratories, hydroponic stores, glass blowers, smoking device manufacturers, and tobacco and head shops. We offer worker’s compensation insurance, general and professional liability, property, product insurance and more.

Insurance For Landlords

Landlords in the legal Marijuana industry aren’t left out either because they’re exposed to inherent dangers and challenges too. That’s why Fidens Insurance provides insurance coverage for warehouses, strip malls, industrial properties, greenhouses, office buildings and other facilities that are leased to Cannabis facilities and businesses by landlords.

Insurance For Testing Laboratories

Testing laboratories are becoming increasingly common in the state for testing developed Cannabis products. There is, therefore, a need to provide insurance coverage against professional liability and general liability for all testing laboratories.

Medical Marijuana Physicians

One critical difference between Fidens Insurance and the majority of insurers out there is that they do not provide coverage for physicians involved in non-FDA approved medication (Which includes medical Marijuana), but we do. We ensure that physicians in the medical Marijuana industry are not left to handle malpractice suits and other medical issues on their own if something goes wrong.

Insurance For Marijuana Events

Vendors and Exhibitors showcasing their products at an event or exhibition for adult-use or legal medical Marijuana products can also get insurance cover. Our liability insurance for Marijuana events covers circumstances such as event cancellation, event relocation, and medicine, product, and equipment coverage.