Fidens High-Value Home Insurance Services Expands Client-Base

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Fidens newly appointed Director of Personal Lines, John Addonizio, successfully rolled out the brokerages high-end insurance services several months ago. This was a core aspect of Fidens strategic launch of its individual home & auto division two years ago with the goal of obtaining tailored, cost-effective coverages for every client.
The program has experienced great success and continues to expand its client-base. Most recently, Director John Addonizio was noted in properly insuring one of the most expensive condos ever sold in New Jersey for a markedly great price. To this end, Addonizio’s mantra resonates deeply within the principals of Fidens: “Whether it is for a renter’s policy, a starter home, a business/corporation, or multi-million dollar property you deserve representation that is looking out for your interest and not the insurance company that the agent may work for.”