5 Things Every Company Should Know about Cyber Breaches

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The almost inevitable possibly of a cyber data beach is more prevalent now than ever. In a survey conducted by Poneman Institute with Hewlett-Packard, the average cost of responding to a cyber attack for United States companies has gone up a staggering 96% in the last five years. Some shocking survey stats are that the companies endure an average of 138 successful attacks per week & it takes approximately 170 days to detect an attack & 45 days to resolve it, costing nearly $1.6 million to the company.
5 Questions to ask about your companies policy on cyber liability are:
1. How should companies conduct an audit to determine susceptibly to a cyber risk?
2. Companies experience cyber attacks daily without incident, but should leadership be notified every time a network has been breached no matter how minor?
3. What are some cyber security industry standards and best practices?
4. What are four key elements of a comprehensive incident response plan?
5. How do you determine how much insurance your company needs?
Please find out the answers to these questions, please read this article.
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