Fan4Kids Celebrates its 10 Year Anniversary

Fan4Kids celebrated its 10 Year Anniverary Event at the Simon Preston Gallery in New York City. Fan4Kids is a non-profit education service organization providing students with an integrated fitness and nutrition education. The program educates children and their families and empowers them to make sound decisions on healthy eating and proper physical activity. They educate children of all shapes and sizes about healthy eating and active lifestyles to empower them to make healthy decisions about fitness and nutrition.
Founder/CE0 Robert L. Oliver Jr. commended: “Fan4Kids’ 10 Year Anniversary Event was a huge success. It was time that we formally share our successes with individuals. We had long ago convinced foundations and corporations that we don’t just provide a fun, year-long fitness and nutrition program to urban public schools, but we produce concrete results. It was a great start to our goal of hosting annual events.”
Team Fidens applauds their significant contributions to society. Congratulations to the Fan4Kids family & their continued success.
Please visit & support Fan4KidsS website & Facebook Page for more information.

Fidens Establishes New Jersey Branch

Fidens Insurance Brokerage established a regional New Jersey location. This operation is in continuity with the appointment of Daniel Campbell as a Director. The New Jersey region already boasts a significant concentration of Fidens client-base. This office will lend extensive support to current and prospective clients. The insurance services will be tailored to both businesses and individuals including property, auto, workers compensation, professional liability, life insurance and employee health benefits. Current clients have experienced a distinct financial benefits from the thorough assessments of their renewal policies vis-à-vis the insurance industry’s best practices and pricing. Fidens confidently invites current and prospective clients to submit insurance inquiries for complimentary consultation.
“An overwhelming majority of clients have experienced significant savings and/or enhanced coverages from our free assessments of their insurance policies. We greatly encourage prospective clients to submit insurance inquiries for complimentary consultation.”