Top 10 Data Breaches in the Last 12 Months

2014 has been a huge year for massive data breaches in high profile companies.
The breaches range from large chain restraunts, online retail businesses, financial institutions, & even the government were all victims of being hacked, leading to leaked personal consumer information.
Millions of individuals passwords, credit/debit card numbers, email/home addresses & all types of private information was stolen.
Here is the link to an article of the Top 10 Data Breaches in 2014.
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10 Ways to Maximize Insurance Recovery from Cyber Losses

In today’s day & age, no one is immune to having their computer compromised & their data stolen. Whether it be Fortune 500 companies or small businesses, the reality of a security breach is sadly almost inevitable. Suffering data losses from cyber attacks can be disruptful, detrimental, & permanently disaterious to any entity. There are precuations to take beforehand when choosing a cyber liability insurance policy to maximize the recovery process. Protecting personal ID, being careful on mobile devices/credit cards, & choosing the right broker are some of the ways you can maximize/manage your recovery losses. Cyber liability insurance is essential in todays business climate & necessary in order to protect your information.
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